What’s happening in Kabul today

Having taken control of Afghanistan, the Taliban talk about a “popular uprising” and promise an inclusive government. They hoisted a flag over the presidential palace and announce the end of the 20-year war, happily posing for the cameras. The militants are demanding the withdrawal of all foreign troops before the new government is formalized. They […]

Shots at the cafe bar: three in the hospital

He is being treated at Polygyros Hospital (Halkidiki), a 25-year-old “shooter” who is accused of injuring two young men after an altercation at a local cafĂ©-bar in Neos Marmaras. The incident took place at midnight on Saturday 12/06. The young man was arrested the next day by the authorities of the Thessaloniki Police Anti-Extortion Directorate […]

Details of the double murder in Kerkyra

The double murder, committed Sunday morning by a 67-year-old criminal who shot and killed the owner of a neighboring house and her partner, caused a storm of indignation in the local community of Corfu (Kerkyra). The perpetrator, according to the available information, summoned his victims to the scene of the murder because of a disagreement, […]

Double murder on Kerkyra

The real shock was experienced by the inhabitants of the village of Dassia on the island. Kerkyra, having learned that a married couple was shot in cold blood from a carbine. According to the information, a man and a woman were found dead on the street, most likely in a garden opposite a large hotel. […]

Details of today’s murder: who was shot in Vari

On Monday morning, the Greek boxer Thassos Berdesis, winner of the Survival Secret, was shot. He was heading to a boxing club. As it became known, a black jeep drove up to Thassos Berdesis, and one of the passengers fired a fatal shot. The authorities attribute the incident to the settling of scores. The boxer […]

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