February 21, 2024

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Rapper Timati robbed in Mykonos

A friend from the group of a famous Russian rapper reported the disappearance of diamonds.

The alarm was sounded at ΕΛ.ΑΣ, whose employees are trying to unravel the mysterious disappearance of jewelry stolen from Timati, who came to rest in Mykonos. The value of the stolen from the villa in the Super Paradise location is estimated at almost a million euros.

It all happened when, for some unknown reason, the lights went out in the 5-star hotel where the rapper was staying. At that moment, a Richard Mille watch worth 300,000 euros, a white gold neck chain with diamonds, a white gold necklace and bracelet with diamonds, a ring, Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags, expensive sunglasses and other famous brand accessories disappeared. in.gr.

A friend from the rapper’s group reported the disappearance of the diamonds, claiming that the watch and diamonds weren’t insured and that he himself doesn’t know how this could even happen!

The Mykonos police are looking for even the slightest mistake of a gang of robbers (left an imprint, etc.) in order to solve the crime.

The main question is whether the “skillful hands” (as attackers of this kind are usually called) knew that the Russian rapper Timati, known as Timur Ildarovich Yunusov, lives in luxurious apartments that cost several thousand euros a week, with a helipad and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. It has also not been officially clarified whether the valuables that the robbers took from the bedside table of the bedroom are his property.

According to protothema.gr, the 33-year-old Russian multimillionaire, considered one of the most recognizable faces not only in Russia, but also among the international elite, arrived in Mykonos on June 17, accompanied by an impressive escort and a group of friends. They rented a villa in Super Paradise and walked around the cosmopolitan island in the evenings, attracting the interest of the paparazzi and the interested glances of passers-by.

Timati’s company returned 15 minutes after midnight to the villa. Everyone went to their bedrooms, where they changed, leaving watches and valuables on the nightstands. After opening all the doors and windows, they went to the dining room and living room, located about 30 meters in the center of the hotel complex. As soon as the group gathered, two people approached them to bring the ordered hookah.

For some unknown reason, the electricity went out, and the Russian residents plunged into darkness for a while. Presumably, it was at this moment that the theft occurred (because, in addition to the light, the surveillance cameras stopped working).

The police are investigating the case, assessing the case as “very serious.”


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