5 attempted murder case solved

The investigative department dealing with the disclosure of cases of extortion, solved the case of the attempted murder of five people (four foreigners and one Greek citizen), committed on January 22 at a pastry shop in Voula. As per related post ΕΛΑΣ, two criminals, a 42-year-old foreigner and a 34-year-old Greek, were arrested yesterday (13.07) […]

One of the many tragedies of this war

Children near Zhytomyr were shot, mistaking them for saboteurs. Two members of the Territorial Defense have been arrested on charges of murder. Teroboronists are accused of premeditated murder of 12-year-old Daniil Belchenko in Radomyshl near Zhytomyr. Playing in the yard, he was wearing his grandfather’s camouflage jacket, which played a fatal role in this tragedy. […]

Contract killing: a well-known recidivist was shot from a Kalashnikov assault rifle

The well-known mafia and nightclub protector Yannis Skaftouros was found dead in his summer home in the village of Skurta (Viotia). According to the information, the 55-year-old famous recidivist, who was repeatedly involved in the past by Greek law enforcement agencies in “serious” cases, including the kidnapping of businessman Panagopoulos, was found dead in the […]

Ghazi: gunfight at famous nightclub

The police rushed to the emergency call ΕΛΑΣ at dawn when they were informed of a shooting in an area full of entertainment venues and nightclubs. According to the information, the incident occurred at 3:40 am near a well-known nightclub located on Persephone Street in Gazi. Citizens who called the police reported that shots were […]

"Gangster showdown" in Ano Liosia

Incredible scenes, as if from a gangster action movie, unfolded in Ano Liossia. Two men stopped at a catering establishment where the family was at that time and opened fire. The information says that the criminals “fired automatic weapons at the people.” Police who arrived at the scene found 48 cartridge cases, iefimerida.gr reported. The […]

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