Wild boar accidents in Kilkis: “We will have more and more accidents”

Experts are calling for wild boar management measures to reduce the risk of traffic accidents like the one in Kilkis.

Human intrusion into the habitats of many wild animal species has led them to approach cities in search of food.
“Unfortunately, if timely measures are not taken, there will be more such tragic incidents.” Professor of Forestry and Environmental Protection ΑΠΘ Christos Vlachos has long been sounding the alarm about the skyrocketing wild boar population in Greece. However, as he says, due to a distorted perception of what is and what is not ecological, we are hesitant to take action, leading to incidents like the one in Kilkis. On Monday night, a herd of wild boars that escaped onto the roadway at km 62 of the new Thessaloniki-Neo-Petritsiou highway caused a three-car accident, in which two were killed and four were injured.

It’s a “one-way street,” says the professor: since man first entered the habitat of wild animals, he must take action. “We are encroaching on their habitat where they breed, and as a result, some species are moving closer and closer to cities in search of food. This means that there will be more and more accidents,” says Mr. Vlahos. As he mentions, the population of wild boars has increased because they feel safe and have more reproductive potential. Species need to be mapped, stock measured, critical areas identified, such as around Lake Lagada, so that measures can then be taken to keep the population at normal levels. cathimerini.gr.

The collision of three cars, in which two citizens were killed and four injured, occurred on the 62nd kilometer of the new national highway of Thessaloniki – Neo Petritsiou (Θεσσαλονίκης – Νέου Πετριτσίου). A distorted perception of ecology and a delay in taking action, such as mapping wildlife species in Greece, exacerbate the problem. “We will always have accidents,” concludes Christos Vlachos. “This is a global phenomenon. There are thousands of such cases recorded in America. The goal is to minimize their likelihood as much as possible. And this can only be done through population management. We are already too late.”

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