Never drink coffee without sugar

Coffee is essential for many people. Especially for those who start their day… with the first cup. However, few people know that it cannot be drunk in its pure form.

According to a 2015 Harvard University study, those who drank a cup of coffee a day had a reduced risk of death. In addition, coffee stimulates the nervous system and also promotes weight loss by breaking down fatty acids.

However, in parallel with this, scientists have discovered something else that may upset some. Researchers have found that coffee with 1 teaspoon of sugar (μέτριος) has more health benefits than black coffee (σκέτος).

As a rule, a spoonful of sugar can reduce the chance of death by up to 30% compared to those who prefer just black coffee.

The drink can also positively affect mood and brain function, but it should not be drunk on an empty stomach or as a breakfast replacement, as this deprives our body of the nutrients it needs (which is especially important in the morning).

Of course, we can temporarily get the desired surge of energy, but it will drop sharply literally after a short period of time if you drink coffee “without anything.”

This conclusion was made by scientists, noting that “coffee itself does not contain calories, proteins or fiber that help the human body perform its important functions.”

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