5 amazing taverns right on the beaches of Attica

The best moment after you have already bathed and sunbathed comes when you have a brutal appetite and want to eat something “such”. What’s more, you don’t have to go far. In the taverns, located right on the sand, at the edge of the sea, you will be served the freshest fish, fried squid, Greek salad and an ice-cold glass of beer.

Sounio, Lagonisi, Kavouri, Vouliagmeni, Loutsa – there are enough options for nearby beaches in Attica when you have neither the time nor the money to go anywhere outside the city. Beach taverns take pride of place as they offer an easy alternative to “lunch/dinner with a sea view” and help make going to the beach even more inviting.

So, here they are, these 5 taverns:

1. “Θόδωρος κι Ελένη”

The popular fish tavern is located very close to the beaches of Legraina, a coastal village of East Attica famous for its beach. Its distance from KAPE beach is only 5 minutes by car. Over the years of existence, the tavern has gained a circle of regular visitors, despite the lack of a sea view, and this is because it is an ideal place to taste delicious fish and seafood.

Address: Λεωφ. Λεγραινών, Λεγραινά, 2292051936

2. Cavuri (Καβούρι)

A place where you can safely dive into the sea and then return to your chair at a tavern table in Kavouri has been located on Marathonas beach for many years. The fish tavern has set up a wooden deck on the sand so that those who are lucky enough to sit at a table (there are often not enough empty seats) can enjoy the idyllic setting. There is fresh fish on the menu, which can be ordered by the kilo, but if you want to stay on a budget, you can get by with a portion of french fries, as well as squid and salad.

Address: Perikleous 24, Ag. Panteleimon, Marathonas beach, 2294055243

3. Sardine… overlooking the wave

The fish tavern “Σαρδελάκι… με θέα” overlooking the Saronic Gulf is the perfect place to have a snack after swimming in the sea. The catering establishment offers: aferina, sardines, anchovies and other small fish that are grilled or fried, as well as various snacks and salads.

Address: L. Poseidonos 18, Vouliagmeni, 2109670913

4. Kalamia Tavern, Lagonisi

Considered “historical” as it has been located on the beach of Agios Nikolaos since 1947. Barba Miltiadis’ shop has now passed to the fourth generation of the family and is currently run by Lefteris’ grandson. The old fish tavern has retained the traditional elements of the interior, although it has been modernized.

Its location is crucial, as it is only a few meters from the sea and is ideal for lunch after a morning swim, as well as a snack after an evening stroll.

Address: Agios Nikolaos Beach, Lagonisi, 2291025057

5. Barefoot (Ο Ξυπόλητος)

The tavern is literally on the shore, overlooking the lighthouse and the endless expanses of the sea. The tavern with the romantic name “Ο Ξυπόλητος” was founded half a century ago and is located on the coast of Lutsa.

Politicians and artists often like to gather here, and have always been very pleased. As you know, the colorful view of the catering establishment has been used many times as a background for television filming. However, at its core, it still remains a popular tavern with fresh fish and excellent seafood.

Address: 25ης Μαρτίου Αγιος Νικολας, Λούτσα, 2294028342

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