Choosing the healthiest and safest coffee

For lovers of an invigorating drink, the choice is quite wide: instant, ground, sachet, capsule coffee… Each of them has unique characteristics and a degree of usefulness. How not to make a mistake and choose not only the most fragrant and delicious coffee, but also safe for health, says a competent specialist. The founder of […]

What type of coffee is the lowest calorie

Those who cannot imagine life without coffee, but count calories, as well as those who are interested in what low-calorie coffee is, are probably already looking for answers to their questions. There is nothing better than starting the day with coffee… Coffee, which we enjoy drinking in the morning before breakfast, allows us to start […]

Never drink coffee without sugar

Coffee is essential for many people. Especially for those who start their day… with the first cup. However, few people know that it cannot be drunk in its pure form. According to a 2015 Harvard University study, those who drank a cup of coffee a day had a reduced risk of death. In addition, coffee […]

Coffee and food will rise in price in the new year

Home delivery of coffee and food is becoming more expensive, according to official figures, as from January 1, 2022, an environmental tax of 10 cents applies to disposable plastic products. In particular, as provided for by the relevant decision of the AADE Revenue Service published in the Official Gazette: “Effective January 1, 2022, environmental tax […]

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