February 3, 2023

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Albanian accused of killing and burning 53-year-old homeless man

The alleged perpetrator of the heinous crime committed in Chania (Crete) was brought to the prosecutor’s office.

According to Creta24, the 27-year-old Albanian asked for and received a deadline to testify. A criminal case was initiated against him “for manslaughter and arson.” In addition, he was arrested for violating the law on weapons.

According to the police investigation and the conclusion of the forensic medical examination, the victim was beaten to death, after which the perpetrator burned down the shack in which the 53-year-old homeless man “lived” for the last 3 years. The remains of the homeless were found by firefighters in the ashes.

As reported in ΕΛ.ΑΣ.: “The case of the discovery of a charred corpse found on 05/04/2022 while extinguishing a fire in an abandoned house in Chania is being investigated by the Chania Police Department. A 27-year-old foreigner is accused in this case.”

A careful study of the case file, as well as the proper use of the available evidence, showed that the foreigner mortally wounded the man during an argument between them, and then started a fire in an abandoned house.

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