Rolex watch stolen in Danish armed robbery found in Athens

An expensive ROLEX watch, stolen during an armed robbery in Denmark five years ago, was discovered when a woman brought it to a brand shop in Athens for repairs.

Because their serial number was on the list of stolen items, the shop technician identified them as one of 50 expensive watches stolen from a jewelry store in Copenhagen in November 2017.

Media reported that the robbers entered the store as customers, then, at gunpoint and pepper spray, they immobilized employees. At the same time, the criminals sprayed an irritating substance in the face of one of the employees when he tried to press the panic button. The criminals seized a total of 50 expensive watches from various manufacturers and fled the scene.

The robbery is attributed to an international network of jewel thievesPink Panthers”, and the total cost of robberies is estimated at almost a million euros. A ROLEX watch discovered in Athens is worth 85,000 euros.

After a technician in Athens notified the police of the find, officers immediately apprehended an Albanian woman who brought the watch in for repair. According to the 35-year-old detainee, she has nothing to do with the robbery. The woman told the police that the watch was sold to her by a compatriot in Albania about 4 years ago, at a ridiculous price compared to its real value, and that is why she allegedly bought it.

It is reported that the watch confiscated from the Albanian woman was handed over to the Danish authorities. The police are currently investigating to determine the path this watch has traveled since the robbery, in the hope that some trace of those involved in the armed robbery and disposal of the loot can be found.


Pink Panthers” The Pink Panthers are an international network of jewel thieves responsible for a number of robberies and thefts, described as one of the most audacious in the history of organized crime. The organization has approximately 800 core members, many of whom are former soldiers with extensive military and paramilitary backgrounds. Both women and men play an equal role in the structure of the organization. It mainly consists of citizens of Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and other Balkan states who are considered participants in the war and who criminally use their military skills. The organization was named by Interpol after the Pink Panther crime comedy series.

The Pink Panthers are responsible for some of the most “glamorous” robberies in history, with one criminologist even calling their crimes “artistic.” They operated in many countries and on several continents, among their thefts is the most successful robbery in Japan. On July 2, 2013, a documentary based on their thefts, Smash & Grab, was released.

Some law enforcement agencies suspect that the group is responsible for more than $500 million in gold and diamond looting from the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Japan, France, Liechtenstein, Germany, the United States of America, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Spain, Monaco, Austria , Australia, the Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium. Law enforcement agencies suspect them of involvement in the robbery of the Harry Winston jewelry store in Paris on December 9, 2008. The thieves escaped with more than 80 million euros worth of jewelry.

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