Fire at a large manufacturing plant in Heraklion

A large-scale operation of the fire service continues to extinguish the fire that occurred in the industrial area of ​​Heraklion ΒΙΠΕ.

The fire broke out shortly before 5 p.m. Saturday afternoon. The fire brigade arrived at the scene. Firefighters are trying to bring the fire under control, fearing it could spread to nearby businesses.

According to the data, explosions are constantly heard. In addition, as it became known from preliminary information, a fire was also detected at the disposal site.

Reference. Statistical data Fire Department for 2021

For urban fires, there is an increase of 20.51% compared to 2020. The number of wildfires that have occurred in urban areas in 2021 is 2,909, compared to 2,414 that occurred in 2020. The main reason for the increase in urban fires is believed to be related to the restrictive measures that were introduced from time to time due to the pandemic, and the increased general activity of citizens at home during quarantine.

The main centers of urban fires were identified on land plots, personal vehicles, in private houses, apartment buildings, garbage cans, and other premises and territories.

As for the causes of fires in urban areas, they were mainly related to problems with electricity, failure of electrical appliances in houses or premises, electrical or mechanical problems that occurred on vehicles, thrown cigarette butts, malicious acts, arson, faulty chimneys and fireplaces, improper use of heaters and appliances, and improper or careless use of tools or appliances in the workplace. It was established that the human factor played an important role, the causes of fires reached 90%.

The total number of people who have been rescued, injured or killed by wildfires in 2021 has reached 55. This is significantly less than in 2020 (124 people). Seven people died in the fires last year, up from three during the same period in 2020.

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