The European Parliament hosted a conference dedicated to the fight against sexual violence

Approximately one in three women in the European Union is molested, raped or other forms of sexual violence and crime… The European Parliament hosted a conference on the fight against sexual violence, where victims from different countries testified, and experts shared recommendations. The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights noted that a particularly criminogenic situation […]

Albanian accused of killing and burning 53-year-old homeless man

The alleged perpetrator of the heinous crime committed in Chania (Crete) was brought to the prosecutor’s office. According to Creta24, the 27-year-old Albanian asked for and received a deadline to testify. A criminal case was initiated against him “for manslaughter and arson.” In addition, he was arrested for violating the law on weapons. According to […]

Germany investigates possible war crimes in Ukraine

According to German Justice Minister Marco Buschman, an investigation into possible war crimes in Ukraine has been launched in Germany. Attorney General at the German Supreme Court Peter Frank is collecting relevant evidence, writes Deutsche Welle. On the evening of April 23, he said on the air of the public-legal TV channel Phoenix: “The structural […]

"Sweet couple": are the tenants guilty of the death of the owner of the apartment

What happened to the owner of the apartment where the Daskalaki-Pipirigo family lived, why did they hide the death from her relatives? These and other questions will have to be answered by the Greek law enforcement agencies, in connection with the newly discovered circumstances. case investigation deaths of three girls in Patras continues. At the […]