Mitsotakis promised up to 60% return to consumers from inflated electricity bills

“The state will refund to the individual bank account of each owner or tenant of the first house 60% of all additional expenses incurred, retroactively, from December to May,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an address to the people of Greece.

“The limit of this emergency compensation will be 600 euros and will apply to all our fellow citizens with an annual income of up to 45,000 euros. At the same time, in May and June, any increase in consumption over 300 kWh will be covered by 50%. In addition, the new discount will also apply to non-essential at home, but in fact for all monthly consumption,” the Prime Minister said in his televised address on electricity prices.

He also added that energy companies will be called upon to pay their fair share of solidarity with society, which is being scrutinized. “Based on the final opinion of the Independent Energy Regulator, which is expected in the coming days, their additional income will be subject to a special fee of 90%,” he said.

Full text of Prime Minister’s speech (with commentary)

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war that is going on there has hit the whole world, Europe and our country. And it is carried out not only with rockets and bombs, but also with weapons, energy and the price of gas, which has risen to unprecedented heights. (in the sanctions imposed EU against the Russian Federation, Putin is to blame).

“This is what is causing the consistent increase in prices, especially for electricity. A problem that can only be solved on the basis of a unified European response.” (Greece signed up for sanctions and got problems with energy prices).

“However, unlike the initiatives it has taken for the Recovery Fund, here Europe finds itself – at least for the time being – in the circumstances. And unfortunately, their decision is slow. That is why Greece continues to claim it, but with “This is not idle. She will not wait for a solution. Because I feel that the difficulties of our businesses and households cannot wait any longer.”.(We are against sanctions because the Greek shipowners will suffer, but we are in favor because we love America).

“Thus, by my decision, a new national support program is launched with a firm focus on the weakest. This time, however, with measures of significant relief for the middle class.”(And he, the middle class, still remained? Ay …).

“We helped vulnerable households that had low consumption a lot. But it’s true that those who used a little more electricity – because they had to, for example, heat with air conditioning or have a small second home – see huge amounts in their bills. With state support, albeit large, it is difficult to pay such bills.” (But you can buy a few more new aircraft and ships from France and the US, as this helps a lot to stabilize the budget).

“This is changing from today. I am determined to correct yesterday’s injustice, better organize today’s defenses, and also prevent tomorrow’s dangers.” (Is this about the construction of a new station for processing and storing shale gas from the United States, at sky-high prices?)

“Our new program operates in four areas: firstly, the state returns to the individual bank account of each owner or tenant of the first house 60% of all additional expenses incurred retroactively, from December to May. The limit of this emergency compensation will be 600 euros and will affect all of our fellow citizens with an annual income of up to 45,000 euros.Forgive me for asking: what about the national debt, which recently stood at 440 billion US dollars. Has he already shrunk? Or??? And who will pay? However, the question is rhetorical).

“At the same time, in May and June, any increase in consumption over 300 kWh will be covered by 50%. In this case, the new discount will apply to the non-primary residence, and in fact to the total monthly consumption.”300 kWh installed in an apartment or house, regardless of the number of people living in it, is a fabulously profitable fraud from electric companies that allows them to charge consumers at least a 50% surcharge. After all, you can consider underestimated consumption for a couple of months (which is usually done) and then for the third month, count it triple. Double or triple rate. This is what is actively ΔΕΗ its entire history).

“Secondly, as I said, energy companies will be called upon to contribute their share of solidarity with society, which is being carefully tested. Therefore, based on the final opinion of the Independent Energy Regulator, which is expected in the coming days, their additional market income will be subject to a special levy of 90%.”(That is, there will be an expropriation of the income of energy companies. It is logical that after the decision of the Supreme Court, this decision will be challenged as illegal and contrary to the Constitution, and the budget, that is, the population of Greece, will return the money to the companies).

“After all, these are the amounts that will be allocated to make life easier for Greek households and businesses. Because it is part of government action and part of the responsibility for all of us.A little pathos to create the spirit of unity of the nation will never hurt. The election campaign has already begun.

“Third, regardless of European decisions, the Greek government, on its own initiative, is launching a system from July that cuts off international gas increases from electricity bills in the country. This scheme will last up to one year.”(And the European Commission? And most importantly, how will creditors react to this? Or is it just another blah, blah, blah for the public?).

“To put it simply, with the double intervention of the state in both the wholesale and retail energy markets, we set an indirect price ceiling.”(State regulation of prices in a market economy – did I hear somewhere that this is almost communism?). “And at the same time, we are stabilizing prices that reach the consumer. This effectively suspends the adjustment provision. And we will cut the excess profits of energy companies with a knife.” (And then the electric companies will cut off part of the budget. It’s not the whipping boys who have gathered there).

“The initiative is fair, documented and evaluated. And most importantly, does not create problems with competitors that could legally challenge its positive impact on consumers.”(Is this supposed to be decided by the Supreme Court?).

“Finally, we are turning energy saving into a “shield” for every citizen and every business from blackmailing those who bet on its senseless waste. Yes, in Germany it has already been proposed to switch to bicycles and wash every few days. Mitso, let’s push a similar initiative “Even more. We are poorer than Germany, and to know – we bathe once a month …).

In the coming weeks, the Recycle-Replace Appliance program kicks off, boldly rewarding the removal of old, energy-hungry air conditioners and refrigerators. And in autumn, in parallel with the Energy Saving at Home program, Energy Saving for Business is launched. A plan that will allow, among other things, the installation of solar panels on the roofs of their buildings.” (There is still not everything clear with financing, and in the end, who will install solar panels on apartment buildings? However, we still need to live up to this).

“But the cheapest energy is the one that is never consumed. So small changes in our habits, such as small changes in the settings of air conditioners, will immediately lead to lower bills. This is how we help the environment and our wallet.”(Here it is – familiar screw it on. A colleague from Italy has already ordered that the temperature in the houses is not lower than 25 degrees. You give 28, or even 35. And do not wash for a week. I imagine morning aromas in public transport. However, deputies do not travel by bus or subway).

“It took time and research to come up with these four interventions. Because such a multi-level program was really a complex undertaking with many technical, economic and even political parameters.”

“However, it was formed in the near realistic plan, thanks to the previous consistent and prudent policies. It was she who brought the lowest deficit in 2021 and positive international ratings. And now finances our new initiative, along with resources from the income of electricity producers.” (The low deficit of 2021 was caused by a stagnation in the economy and an infusion of 75 billion (25 of them aid) of a loan from the EU, which was counted as budget revenue. But we can’t talk about this now, by no means).

“Can we get European funding to reduce the burden on the state budget? But I will not wait for the slowly moving European ocean to change course.” (Well, this is already dishonest. And who will give 440 billion?)

“However, I’ll be honest: as long as the war lasts, no amount of national support will be able to absorb all the increases and keep energy prices at pre-crisis levels. Anyone who claims they can do it is lying to you.” (The first honest phrase in the entire speech. Life will be worse and not fun at all. But we will support the United States, helping it to earn superprofits, despite the suffering of our people).

“Already in the fall, the state is absorbing some of the increases while raising disposable income as much as possible through new permanent cuts in taxes and contributions. In fact, these days, eight out of ten of our fellow citizens will pay even less ENFIA. “(Is it not the ND, by any chance, promised to cancel ENFIA back in 2020? No, or maybe I forgot the election rhetoric).

“And now a new package of interventions will absorb 70% to 80% of the increase in the price per kilowatt hour for our households, businesses and farmers. With a horizon of the next 12 months and with interventions on all fronts.” (At this rate, after the 26th package of sanctions by autumn, prices will rise not by 300, but by 3000%. And they will compensate for 70-80%. It is reasonable: they compensated for what they promised. And inflation is Putin’s fault).

“The state must support the people when they face violent change that they cannot handle alone. We did it during the pandemic, we do it now, in the energy crisis.” (A little more pre-election rhetoric).

The state, which protects society, fairly shares the costs of any forced adjustments. But the state must also fight for the development of the country so that all citizens can taste the fruits of collective progress. This is my vision, and this is what I serve constantly, every day. Thank you.” (And shed a tear).

Bravo Mitso, good campaign speech. You believe? Me not. It’s strange, but he said everything so beautifully …

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