The government will introduce "grocery cards"so that the population does not die of hunger

A new measure of support for the population, which is not surprising given the situation in which the country found itself under the Mitsotakis government, the prime minister is expected to announce in TIF, the introduction of “food cards”, that is, food rationing, so that the people of Greece can survive the coming difficult winter […]

How to get Fuel Pass 2: complete guide

This publication indicates necessary conditions and procedure for obtaining a subsidy for gasoline by program Fuel Pass II, which will cover some part of the significantly risen in price of automotive fuel in July, August and September. Subscribe to read the article and get full access to other restricted materials. I’m already a subscriber. 1 […]

State support packages due to price increases

As prices get higher and higher every day, and the population begins to grumble, the authorities are frantically looking for an opportunity to ease tensions by issuing from time to time handouts benefits. New emergency measures to be announced within a month This was recently stated by government spokesman Giannis Ikonomou, who told the media […]

A new gift from the government to pensioners, beneficiaries and the disabled

The government is determined to continue supporting citizens in order to counter the wave of inflation that hit the heads of citizens. The prices of all basic foodstuffs have risen. For this reason, according to the publication Dnewssince April 11, the government is thinking about repeating the issuance of one-time assistance to the same beneficiaries […]

Greek government to double natural gas subsidies in April

The government’s natural gas bill subsidy for households and businesses will double in April from subsidies in March, the Department of Energy said Tuesday. The subsidy will amount to 40 euros per thermal MWh from 20 euros a month earlier. Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas reportedly sent a letter to natural gas suppliers to […]

The Greek government will announce a new package of measures to support the population

The Greek government is preparing a package of measures to support households and businesses affected by high energy prices. It is expected to be announced on Wednesday or Thursday. The package will consist of three main items, government spokesman Giannis Ikonomou told ANT1 TV channel earlier Tuesday. First, electricity and gas support will continue, the […]

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