Greece: sharp rise in car fuel prices

Shocking for millions of Greek consumers was the news that from tomorrow at gas stations the average price of unleaded gasoline will rise above 2.12 euros per liter.

Acceptance for consideration in the European Commission 6th sanctions package against Russiaaccording to which sanctions will be imposed on the supply of crude oil, led to a panic in the Greek fuel market.

According to the President of the Federation of Petrol Dealers of Greece, M. Chiusi, in recent hours, due to the expectation of sanctions, there has been a significant (about 6%) increase in prices for motor fuel. Already yesterday, the wholesale price of unleaded gasoline, according to the bulletin of the Panhellenic Federation of Gas Station Traders, reached 1.647 per liter, and tomorrow it will exceed 1.67 euros.

The Greek edition of Dnews made a photo report at the capital’s gas stations in Vouliagmeni, Kifisia, Michalakopoulou, Piraeus and on Alexandros Avenue, where at ordinary gas stations (without BP, where the price has been stable at 2.2 euros and more per liter since the beginning of March) gasoline costs 2.11 and 2.12 euros per liter. At the same time, yesterday the price for this brand of gasoline did not exceed 2.06 euros.

“Today, in Attica, the average price of gasoline is 2.12 euros per liter, and diesel fuel is 1.84 euros. As things stand, ultimately, neither we nor consumers will be able to sell or buy,” said Maria Ziaga, president of the gas station owners union, noting that there is a subsidy of 15 cents per liter of diesel fuel. “We will ask for this subsidy to be extended next month so that we can somehow work,” she notes.

She predicts that there will be another big rise in prices in the coming days and advises citizens to be especially careful with cheap fuel. “It might not cost you that much, as it will no doubt be dirty,” says Ms. Maria Ziga. “Prices are going up everywhere, and cheap gas should be suspect.”

fuel allowance

Regarding the aid, the President of the Union of Gas Station Owners states: “From Friday we started operations with a fuel subsidy, but many people are having difficulties and need help. If you are busy, this is a problem, because the car can stand at the gas station for up to half an hour. There are a lot of complaints from people who have both a motorcycle and a car, and before they can choose which vehicle they need to put on the application, the system chooses the motorcycle by default, which is a much smaller amount of the subsidy.”

*Editor’s note:

The quality of gasoline in Athens, as well as in Greece in general, is quite high, but there are exceptions. For example: ΕΤΕΚΑ gas stations are distinguished by poor fuel quality (where the quality has always been below average) and REVOIL, which has drastically deteriorated its quality since last summer, offering the poorest quality gasoline in Athens. The author of the publication had serious problems with the car after refueling at REVOIL, which, fortunately, cost him a little less than 300 euros, mainly due to a rather old and unpretentious engine, which suffered this gasoline with relatively little loss. Experimenters with more modern engines, especially those with high compression ratios, who want to test the quality of this company’s gasoline, can “fly in” a significantly larger amount.


“Athenian News” recommend site, where you can find prices online at most gas stations in Greece. A very simple and convenient resource.

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