Superprofits of Greek energy producers were estimated at 600 million euros according to the results of a semi-annual audit

According to an audit report, the Hellenic Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) estimated the excess profits of electricity producers and suppliers in the country at 600 million euros. Previously Prime Minister announced that superprofit will be taxed at 90% as a measure to return inflated prices to consumers. The RAE audit covered the entire period from […]

Greek PM to announce plan to regulate electricity tariffs

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will announce at 7:00 pm today a national community support plan aimed at saving households and businesses from exorbitant electricity tariffs. The new measures are scheduled to be presented in detail on Friday 6 May by the finance and energy ministers. However, the plan will not be implemented immediately and will […]

Greek government mulls new bailout plan amid growing dissatisfaction with energy prices

Alarmed by public backlash over energy prices and the rising cost of living, the New Democracy government is promising to develop a new national support plan to benefit households and businesses. It is expected to be implemented in June. The national plan will be horizontal, will set electricity prices at last year’s level and will […]

INKA sues ‘amendment clause’ in electricity bills

Hellenic Consumer Protection Union INKA has filed a class action lawsuit against electricity providers who charge additional fees to consumers through a so-called “adjustment clause”. This item adds amounts, often several hundred euros, to already high energy bills. The General Consumers Federation of Greece and its members oppose electricity providers who impose additional costs on […]

Suffocating electricity bills

People’s indignation at repeatedly inflated tariffs ΔΕΗ now acts like a tsunami, sweeping society. In a show of coordinated social anesthesia, ΔΕΗ sends bills to citizens in which the amounts claimed very often exceed the pensions and salaries of the people who are called upon to pay the exorbitant surcharge. A situation has arisen where […]

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