Hungry gypsies trashed a restaurant because of Covid-Pass

Hungry and angry customerswho were not allowed into the famous patzatzidiko in Thessaloniki, got angry and smashed the roomwhen they were asked topresent Covid-Passbut they didn’t have it.

The two couples went to a restaurant famous for the offal soup called Patsas (the place is appropriately called Patsatsidiko), a delicacy that many Greeks love to eat (especially after a night of drinking :-)). They arrived at the restaurant shortly after 9:30 am on a Sunday.

The staff asked them to show relevant Covid documents as required by law. They were even explained that if they did not show the documents, they could take the food with them.

Customers who did not have a Covid-Pass (where did you see gypsies with Covid-Pass in Greece :-)), nor an express test, initially left the restaurant, but after a few minutes returned and began to destroy everything that came across paths, including marble table tops.

Even the cook came out of the kitchen and tried to intervene, then the men went outside and continued to vent their anger.

In conversation with daily ethnos owner Dimitris Tsaruchas said the two men openly threatened them, asking if the store was “under guard”. They further said that they would destroy the restaurant and “we won’t find it the next day.”

Tsaruchas added that his institution already has known problems due to covid: “We have suffered a lot in the two years that we are conducting a state audit.” He hinted that they often receive threats, saying that “when the waiters leave, they don’t know if they’ll make it home.” And all due to the fact that they do not let people inside without covid documents *.

The local police launched an investigation to search for criminals belonging to the Roma community, notes ethnos.

*For those who do not understand the reasons for such a zealous implementation of laws, it is worth remembering that during an inspection, an institution can be fined from 5 to 15 thousand euros and even closed for some time.

Video from this establishment, which shows how this famous soup is prepared.

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