BioNTech questions the safety and efficacy of its own mRNA drug

The company released a statement saying: “Despite the order EU At 1.8 billion doses and long-term commitments from countries like Germany, BioNTech management definitely sees the downside:

“Our revenue is highly dependent on sales of our Covid-19 vaccine and our future Covid-19 vaccine revenue is uncertain.”

The following paragraph clearly presents a situation of approval and security, quite the opposite of what politicians and the media continue to assert:

“We may not be able to demonstrate sufficient efficacy or safety of our Covid-19 vaccine and/or variant-specific drugs to obtain permanent regulatory approval in the US, UK, European Union, or other countries where the vaccine has been approved for emergency use or received conditional permission to sell.

But the side effects are also presented in a completely different way than the health authorities and especially the various commissions and advisory boards on vaccination do:

“Serious adverse events may occur during our clinical trials or even after we receive regulatory approval, which may delay or terminate clinical trials and delay or prevent regulatory approval or market acceptance of our products.”

And so the report poses the question of how much a vaccine “remains necessary after the current pandemic if it is an endemic virus.”

As a result, BioNTech confirms that the vaccination scheme with a double “core immunization”, a booster and a booster vaccination has no scientific basis, despite the statements of state bodies and politicians.”

The US administration will make sure that BioNTech does not suffer losses

In a joint statement, the US, Belize, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal announce the second global Covid-19 summit. White House announces about holding a summit on May 12, the purpose of which is “to develop solutions for the vaccination of the world for everyone, everywhere.”

Of course, this allegedly has nothing to do with the requirement of the WHO Director General, who requires that by mid-2022, 70% of the world’s population be vaccinated, with priority given to the unvaccinated.

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