Leaving the city for Easter: measures in force from April 18

The emergency protection measures against the coronavirus with which we will celebrate Easter this year have been in effect since yesterday, April 18th. The use of the mask on public transport and vehicles outside the prefecture is maintained. From Monday 18 April to Sunday 1 May there are measures that will apply during the holiday […]

Thessaloniki: crownparty in … toilet

In violation of the measures to combat the spread of the deadly virus, which the authorities introduced on the eve of the holidays, entertainment establishments, in order not to miss out on profits, held “secret” parties. But this did not save them from fines and sanctions. On New Year’s Eve, a nightclub in Efkarpia (Thessaloniki), […]

Greek Epidemiology Committee to Meet for Additional Action

The Epidemiological Committee of the Greek Ministry of Health will meet on Monday 27 December, in the context of ongoing epidemiological surveillance and assessment of the condition caused by the Omicron strain. The committee is reported to be seriously concerned about a significant new exacerbation of the pandemic. He will review the epidemiological data and […]

Passion for covid: green light – you can go to the toilet

Governments no longer know what to come up with as new measures to better fight the coronavirus in everyday life. Spain is a European country in which the number of vaccinated people looks just wonderful – 80.84%, and fully vaccinated – 78.96%. And this despite the fact that the country’s population is 48 million 778 […]

Expert: "We failed coronavirus vaccination, tightening of measures is coming"

The assessment that something went wrong in the development of the coronavirus vaccination program was made by the president of the Association of Doctors of Athens and Piraeus, Matina Pagoni. Speaking on the Open Channel, Ms Pagoni said there will be changes to new measures for the vaccinated and unvaccinated, especially for children. Speaking about […]

What you need to travel to the islands from July 15

New regulations governing sea travel have been introduced by the Greek authorities from July 15, 2021. In particular, the officers of the coast guard exercise control over the boarding of passengers on ships. This provision is the result of a decision taken by the Minister of Shipping Yiannis Plakiotakis. The decision to change the procedure […]

Indoor restaurants and cafes will open on 15 July

Indoor spaces and restaurants will open on July 15, but the question is whether they will be mixed. In his interview, Minister for Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis said that in any case, closed restaurants and entertainment venues will open on July 15. There is no doubt that both vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens will come. […]

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