Interest-free loans and cheap housing for thousands of unemployed

Cheap housing will be provided to thousands of employed and unemployed through interest-free loans from the State Employment Service (now OAED). The government provides cheap housing for the employed and the unemployed through the National Housing Plan.

According to information Dnewsinterest-free loans will be issued with the possibility of multiple repayment in installments, and unoccupied apartments of the current UAED are supposed to be provided for low rent.

Konstantinos Liveris, a member of the board of directors of ΠΟΠΟΚΠ, explains that there are currently 260 unoccupied houses, and the amount available to OAED is 2.5 billion euros. This money can only be used for activities related to the housing of the employed and the unemployed.

In line with proposals presented at the highest level of government through the OAED for supporting housing policy with a focus on youththe following activities can be implemented:

  • Providing interest-free loans for the purchase of a first home.
  • Providing an interest-free loan for the renovation of the first house.
  • Housing subsidy to a wider group of citizens, and not just those who receive a minimum guaranteed income.
  • Construction of new houses and their availability with special criteria and low price for the employed and the unemployed. (Houses in Corfu were sold to OAED for €304 per sqm).
  • Free housing is mainly intended for low-income families (large families or those with dependents with serious health problems).
  • Repair and sale of available 260 houses through the provision of loans (including interest-free).
  • Purchase of unoccupied houses through the reserve registry and their subsequent sale to the low-paid and unemployed.
  • Beneficiary applicants and their family members must have the status of “deprived of their own home or other habitable property”.


  1. The beneficiaries of the housing concession are low-paid workers who do not own property. Applicants and members of their families must be deprived of their own home or other property capable of providing them with a living. To assess the property situation, real estate is taken into account, which could be transferred in the past or in connection with the cession of the place of residence.
  2. The applicants did not receive any other housing benefits (loan or residence) from the former OEK.
  3. The presence of children under the protection of the beneficiary and permanently living with him will be taken into account when applying for participation in the housing program.

To date, UAED provides the following services:

  • Issues final titles (contracts) for the transfer of ownership of workers’ housing in OEC settlements or individual and scattered apartments (ΠΑΚΑΔΙ).
  • Takes care of regulating the repayment of debts of beneficiaries living in the settlements of the OEC, or borrowers of their own funds. OEC. For this, specialized digital applications work.
  • Takes care of the removal of encumbrances (mortgage liquidation, mortgage pre-entry) registered in favor of the organization, to the detriment of the beneficiary, when transferring a house or apartment, or granting a loan (providing benefits under the OEC) and until they are repaid by the beneficiary.
  • Provides the remaining fund of vacant and unoccupied OEK houses for homeless beneficiaries.
  • Takes care of fixing the rights (property, encumbrances) of the organization (former OEK) in the national land cadastre.
  • Engaged in monitoring, protection, documentation, maintaining the OEK geo-information register, i.e. real estate (shops and conference rooms in OEK settlements, other buildings and undeveloped land plots) OEK.
  • Provides beneficiaries with urban planning data that relates to the data and technical plans of permits for settlements built by OEK.
  • Provides copies of loan agreements at the expense of OEK’s own funds from the archive of the service.

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