Another one "bomb" will finally undermine the budget of Greek households

The European Central Bank (ECB) intends to raise interest rates during the summer, and Greek banks are already preparing for the corresponding adjustments, which will be made in relation to both individuals and legal entities. New loan payments add to the explosive mix of rising prices coupled with the energy crisis.Existing and new borrowers with […]

Interest-free loans and cheap housing for thousands of unemployed

Cheap housing will be provided to thousands of employed and unemployed through interest-free loans from the State Employment Service (now OAED). The government provides cheap housing for the employed and the unemployed through the National Housing Plan. According to information Dnewsinterest-free loans will be issued with the possibility of multiple repayment in installments, and unoccupied […]

Loans up to €250,000 to small businesses and start-ups with very low interest rates

Very small companies with a turnover of up to €1,000,000 have the opportunity to obtain working capital loans of up to €250,000 or up to 25% of their turnover through the Covid 19 Guarantee Fund (3rd Cycle) of the Hellenic Development Bank – HDB. Given the guarantee of the fund, the beneficiary company receives a […]

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