June 10, 2023

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What do Greeks order with home delivery?

Rocket, an international online food ordering and distribution service, conducted a survey to determine food ordering trends in Greece.

What are the preferences of Greeks ordering food at home? Their list was published by the publication perierga.gr.

1. Burgers and pizza. Established as eternal favorites, requests for their home delivery remain consistently high (in the preferences of most consumers) and account for 20% of all orders.

2. Healthy eating. Vegetarian dishes and salads, ready-made quinoa and soups account for 16% of daily orders. Healthy eating habits are currently a trend among Greeks, especially in urban centers where people are looking for better quality food that will give them energy for the needs of a hard day.

3. Coffee. 15% of all Rocket orders are for coffee, with cold (regardless of the weather) being preferred, such as Freddo espresso. Although hot cappuccino is also very popular.

4. Souvlaki: A popular and common choice for Greeks, 13% of orders come from them.

5. Sweets. Statistics show that in the afternoon, Greeks feel their “sugar drops” and crave something sweet. A typical “boom” of orders for sweets occurs at 16:00 (13% of Rocket orders).

6. Greek traditional dishes: pastitsio, moussaka and all the other classic “mommy” recipes figure prominently in the Greek daily diet, accounting for 8% of Rocket orders.

7. International Cuisine: Asian food accounts for 7%, Middle Eastern food accounts for 5%, and Mexican food accounts for 3% of Rocket orders.

There are many services that deliver prepared food. There you can order meals for several days, weeks or even a month. You pay in advance, and then you meet a courier with containers and do not worry about cooking if your working day is “full to overflowing” and does not leave time for cooking.

Nevertheless, experts say that the difference in the budget is huge. That is, if you cook at home, the same dish will cost you ten times cheaper. Nevertheless, you choose where and how to spend the money earned.

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