Thousands of unemployed risk losing unemployment benefits and fines

Thousands of unemployed are at risk of deletion from the registers ΔΥΠΑ (ΟΑΕΔ), which implies the termination of the unemployed card and unemployment benefits. Violators also face heavy fines. For the first time, ΔΥΠΑ benefits will be paid instead of unemployment benefits. (Η Δημόσια Υπηρεσία Απασχόλησης – ΔΥΠΑ / State Employment Service (DYPA)) Specifically, it […]

New 100% subsidized professional experience program for 10,000 unemployed

Applications for the “10,000 Unemployed Youth Under 29 Training Program in the Attica and Central Macedonia Regions” have already begun. In particular, 6,500 unemployed young people in the Attica region and 3,500 people in the Central Macedonia region will have the opportunity to improve their skills and prepare for entering the labor market through subsidy […]

Greek Ministry of Labor replaced ΟΑΕΔ with ΔΥΠΑ

The ΔΥΠΑ logo is presented today by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the context of the transformation and modernization of the Employment and Employment Service – ΟΑΕΔ. As mentioned in the related announcement, “the new name of ΔΥΠΑ symbolizes the restart of the old ΟΑΕΔ, which, due to the adoption of law […]

ΟΑΕΔ: "cleaning" register of the unemployed – who will be excluded

The tidying up of the register of the unemployed, with the introduction of strict criteria and leaving the current registered in it, is included in the bill on ΟΑΕΔ. The bill, which added provisions for a liquidation (“cleansing”) process, was submitted to the Greek Parliament for consideration. ΟΑΕΔ officially renamed the State Employment Service (Δημόσια […]

Interest-free loans and cheap housing for thousands of unemployed

Cheap housing will be provided to thousands of employed and unemployed through interest-free loans from the State Employment Service (now OAED). The government provides cheap housing for the employed and the unemployed through the National Housing Plan. According to information Dnewsinterest-free loans will be issued with the possibility of multiple repayment in installments, and unoccupied […]

OAED: New programs for 50,900 jobs

Eight OAED programs are open for applications, with 12 more to be implemented during the quarter. The aim of the employment policy is to reduce unemployment in regions and sectors, and also take into account the groups of the unemployed that are most affected by the crisis, according to Currently, the Employment Agency implements […]

OAED: Applications for 7,000 new jobs open

On January 31, applications begin for 7,000 subsidized new jobs for the unemployed aged 30 and over in the regions of Macedonia and Thrace, Western Greece, Epirus, Thessaly and Central Macedonia. On Monday, January 31, at 13:00 e-applications for the third cycle of the 7,000 new jobs program for unemployed people aged 30 and over […]

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