“Vertical” Monastery of Greece

To get an idea of ​​what inaccessible place the monastery is located in, let’s follow the flight of the drone.

Special military conditions forced our ancestors in the 18th century to turn the steep slope of the rock into a shelter, they dug labyrinths and passages in it, and also equipped the interior, including residential ones.

Panagia ton Katafigon (Παναγία των Καταφυγίων) is located about 10 km south of Derveni (Corinth), on the road leading to the mountainous Sarantapiho (Σαραντάπηχο).

The church was built in 1782. It is located in an area full of inaccessible caves and steep cliffs where the inhabitants took refuge during the Turkish occupation. In the labyrinths they hid from the conquerors, as a result of which the monastery got its name.

Over the past years, a unique monument of culture and history was repaired, old cells were reconstructed and all rooms were connected by galleries.

In 1969, a staircase was cut into the rocks, which connected Παναγία των Καταφυγίων with the road, writes newsit.gr. Arriving at the territory, we find ourselves in front of the entrance to the monastery, which leads us to the temple and interesting outbuildings.

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