The most dangerous road in Greece

Among the most charming and wild landscapes of the country is the road that claims to be the most dangerous in Greek territory.

It looks like a miniature of the legendary passes in the Italian mountains, and is a serpentine with many sharp turns, pouring balm (adrenaline) on the soul of every traveler-explorer, writes

This is the narrow provincial road Kallikrati-Kapsodasos, located on the Kallikrati Plateau, on the eastern side of the Levkon Oron (Λευκών Ορέων) mountain range, in the regional unit of Chania (Crete). The road connects Kallikrati with the village of Kapsodasos, where the exit from the Kallikrati gorge is located.

With a length of about 11 km, this route is characterized by the presence of a total of 27 turns, overcoming which you can easily climb up to 800 meters above sea level. It is this feature of the road, which seems like a paradise for real motorists, that requires close attention from the “average driver”.

It is dangerous because of the lack of protective fences and safe evacuation exits. On the one hand – a sheer cliff, on the other – the abyss. The above goes hand in hand with a significant uphill (or equally sharp incline) on the narrow road, depending on which way you are heading.

The best time to visit this route, which claims to be the unofficial title of the most dangerous road in Greece, is of course summer, as weather events occurring at other times of the year make the path even more dangerous.

If you are still going to “ride with the breeze” along this route and recharge your adrenaline, you should be very careful. However, visiting the area is certainly worth the effort due to the enchanting scenery you will see and the local traditional food you will be able to taste.

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