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Travel in 2024: the most dangerous and safest destinations

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The 2024 Risk Map ranks countries based on indicators such as security, health care and the impact of climate change.

Are you planning a holiday abroad? Before you book your plane ticket, it is important to first check the level of… danger of the destination, as many parts of the world have experienced armed conflicts and other confrontations for a long time. It is also very possible that the state you chose is experiencing other serious problems. Such as, for example, those associated with the deterioration of the “health” indicators of residents (and medical care in general) or climate change, which, ultimately, can significantly narrow the list of countries to which you would like to go on vacation.

Here are the countries that represent greatest risk for travelers in 2024, and the safest, according to International SOS. The risk assessment company “Χάρτη Κινδύνων του 2024” ranked these countries based on several indicators. You can view the interactive risk map 2024 Here.

Greece’s position
Greece is rated yellow (low risk) for security, while other countries and regions in war zones, such as the Gaza Strip, where the conflict between Israel and Hamas rages, are orange (moderate risk). While Ukraine, where the war has been going on for almost two years, is in dark red (very high risk). Greece is “marked” with colors:

  • yellow (low risk) from a safety point of view
  • green (low risk) from a health perspective
  • pink (low risk) regarding climate change
  • red (risk 15-17.5%) in terms of mental health.

Dangerous countries
According to International SOS, two African countries, Libya and South Sudan, are identified as places with “extreme” risks. In them, as noted, “often there is no state control and observance of law and order at all,” while at the same time “the public transport system and services function poorly.”

In “high” risk countries, there are often protests and rallies that are violent and may be directed against foreigners. Such countries, according to the list, are Venezuela, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Against, The Nordic countries are among the safest. Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Greenland are classified as countries with “negligible” risks. Switzerland and Slovenia are also among the countries with the lowest security risks.

Medical risks
Countries with “very high” medical risks that are assessed based on the prevalence of infectious diseases such as Covid and the level of emergency medical services, include Afghanistan and North Korea, as well as several African countries, including Sudan and Libya. To countries with lowest medical risk include the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

Access to health care while traveling is a major concern for people: 60% of travelers say they are likely to encounter a medical emergency while traveling is the main factor that motivates them to purchase travel insurance.

Service Providers Primary health care usually does not cover the cost of injuries or illnesses received abroad, which can result in significant out-of-pocket expensessays James Clark, content specialist at insurance company Squaremouth.

International SOS also ranked countries based on climate change and how it could lead to humanitarian crises and disasters. Although for travelers this may be not yet a matter of immediate concern.

“We see that these risks are becoming increasingly interdependent. For example, worsening climate conditions can lead to increased medical risks, in particular, the development of new diseases or the spread of epidemics,” Noriko Takasaki, director of security at International SOS, told CNBC Travel.

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