Military support for Ukraine from Europe and other countries

For the first time in history, the European Union supports a country participating in a military conflict and provides support with weapons.

During the ongoing “special operation” of Russia in Ukraine EU and NATO, including Greece, have taken the side of the latter and are transferring weapons to it. The position of non-intervention and neutrality in armed conflicts, which the Old Continent has adhered to since the end of World War II, has changed radically in the course of hostilities in Ukraine, reports Many countries report their support and the amount of military assistance:

Germany: 1,000 anti-tank guns, 500 Stinger missiles, 10,000 tons of fuel. Permission for the Netherlands (400 anti-tank guns) and Estonia (9 artillery pieces) to promote German-made weapons.

France: anti-aircraft systems, digital weapons, fuel.

UK: 2000 anti-tank missiles, vests, helmets and boots.

Belgium: 2,000 machine guns and 3,800 tons of fuel.

Netherlands: 200 Stinger rockets, weapons and helmets.

Portugal: G3 rifles, grenades, ammunition, body armor, helmets, night vision scopes, portable radios.

Sweden: 5,000 anti-tank rifles, 5,000 helmets, 5,000 bulletproof vests and 135,000 rations of food.

Czech Republic: Thousands of machine guns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, pistols and ammunition, valued at €7.6 million.

Greece: defense equipment and humanitarian aid.

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia: American-made Javelin and Stinger anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns in agreement with the United States.

Slovakia: ammunition and fuel for a total of 11 million euros.

Romania: bulletproof vests, helmets.

Bulgaria: announced the dispatch of military and humanitarian aid without giving details.

Military support is provided by the United States and Canada. The Biden administration has asked Congress to approve $6.4 billion for the Ukraine crisis, in addition to the aid already provided.

Germany for several weeks objected to the supply of weapons to Kiev. Nevertheless, yesterday the Soltz government approved the delivery of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.

A similar example is Sweden, which followed a policy of neutrality during the Cold War. Today, however, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced the sending of military aid to Ukraine – thousands of anti-tank weapons and helmets.

Two transport aircraft C-130 of the Greek Air Force, with Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers, flew yesterday to Ukraine in response to its request and in consultation with NATO allies and partners in the EU. In the cargo compartment of the first aircraft – body armor, Kalashnikov assault rifles, rocket launchers. In the second C-130 humanitarian aid – water, food, medicines and health equipment, blankets, masks and gloves, defibrillators and oxygen equipment. This plane was accompanied by Nikos Hardalias, Deputy Defense Minister of Greece.

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