Sartana under shelling again, Greece sends humanitarian aid

The official website of Mariupol reports that the morning of February 28 for thousands of residents of Sartana, where a large number of Greeks live, began with an air attack.

Bombs fell on residential buildings, but information about the victims is still being specified. The Mayor of Mariupol says:

“We are evaluating the scale of destruction after another shelling of the Greek village of Sartana. The civilian population of Ukraine is purposefully killed. We will never forgive or forget this.”

The mayor spoke about the situation in Mariupol at 7:00 on February 28, the site provided official information.


Mariupol is under the control of the Ukrainian military. There is a positional confrontation. Sartana suffers from constant shelling. At the request of the Greek authorities, Mariupol evacuated the residents of the village and the quarter of the Left Bank District, who suffered from the attack, to a safe place. The city has a curfew from 17:00 to 08:00. At the signal of the siren, the inhabitants hide in shelters.

City life

Electrical supply unchanged. 188 TPs are still disconnected along the streets of the Levoberezhny and Kalmiussky districts. 41,229 subscribers remain without electricity (Gorod-3, Gorod-8 lines). Because of the shelling, the company has no access to the lines.

Heat supply. Boiler houses Vostok, 279 kv, 232 kv, Kurchatov, Mirny, PTU-99 remain completely de-energized (Gorod-8, Gorod-3 lines). In connection with the shutdown of the metallurgical plant named after Ilyich, 54 residential buildings remain without heating.

Water supply. Without changes. The pumping stations are operating normally, while the pumping stations in the Levoberezhny District remain transferred to backup power lines.

Transport. Since February 27, due to hostilities, public transport has been organized only during peak hours, namely: from 6:00 to 9:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00.

Today Greece sends to Ukraine humanitarian aid, as well as to neighboring Moldova and Slovakia, upon request made through the European Civil Protection Mechanism. Trucks with medicines, medical equipment and items to accommodate refugees will go to these countries. The Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health, will send sanitary equipment and medical equipment to Ukraine, and items to accommodate refugees (tents, blankets, etc.) to Moldova and Slovakia.

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