Britain buys Soviet weapons around the world

The UK is buying Soviet and Russian-made defense equipment to provide it as aid to the Ukrainians. This was stated by the Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace, according to the Wall Street Jornal. The search is conducted by most of the British defense establishment and military attaches around the world. Similar […]

Help to Ukraine or own security

By constantly supplying Ukraine with weapons, the United States could run out of weapons. But what about your own safety? This question was asked Bloombergquoting Johns Hopkins Professor of International Politics Hal Brands: “Western allies face a choice: send more weapons to Kiev or keep stocks for their own defence.” Gradually, “the arsenal of democracy […]

What weapons did Greece send to Ukraine, and where did it come from

The Greek authorities, in order to provide assistance to Ukraine, dispatched 2 aircraft with military equipment and Kalashnikov assault rifles. But where did Greece get Soviet military equipment and Kalashnikovs from? About this in our publication. Like “Russian Athens” previously reportedOn February 27, in the evening, the Greek authorities sent 2 C-130 Hercules military transport […]

Unexpectedly: weapons and ammunition were found at the site of the explosion in the Singru house

In the house of the 78-year-old victim of yesterday’s powerful explosion on Singru Avenue, the police found cartridges and weapons. During the inspection of the scene and investigative actions, a whole arsenal was revealed: more than a thousand cartridges, various caliber shells, a carbine, magazines, a knife, a revolver. Filed by the police, in response […]

Police weapons were found at home in Zephyri

Two pistols, one of which was a police officer’s service pistol, were found during an Anti-Drug Operation (OPKE) operation during a home search conducted in Zephyri. A service weapon was stolen in August from a policeman’s apartment in Kallithea. In the house of drug dealers, two pistols were confiscated, as well as eight cartridges of […]

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