Poll: Anti-vaxxers in Greece cite ‘coercive politics’ as reason for refusal

According to a recent public opinion poll, the majority of anti-vaccination opponents in Greece refuse to get vaccinated against Covid-19 because they are forced to do so.

According to a survey conducted by Focus Bari for YouGov.gr on December 21-31, 2021, on a sample of 1,002 people aged 18-74, reluctance to get vaccinated was higher among those under the age of 44.

65% of vaccine deniers said they didn’t want to get vaccinated because they were forced to. 57% said the vaccine was still in the experimental stage, while 43% were concerned about long-term side effects. 21% said that the coronavirus pandemic was “fabricated” about 10% are sure that the virus was invented by the world government, reptilians or masons

However, it is worth noting that 83% of respondents said they had already been vaccinated.

8% said they could get vaccinated, and 9% said they probably wouldn’t get vaccinated.

Between January and December 2021, Focus Bari conducted 8 opinion polls on this issue across the country.

The proportion of vaccinated/positive Greeks vaccinated shows a steady increase from January to October 2021 and then remains stable/increases slightly in the last three dimensions, with the increase coming mainly from older age groups.

Current vaccination statistics as of 01/12/2022 (Greece)
Population 10,345 thousand
Number of vaccinated 7,576,749 73.24%
Fully vaccinated 7,136,779 68.99%
Total vaccinations 18,096,142


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