Professor of pharmacology appeared in court "for spreading fakes about Covid vaccines"

Dimitris Kouvelas, professor of clinical pharmacology at the Aristotle University and a vocal critic of vaccinations and coronavirus containment measures, appeared in court in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Tuesday for spreading misinformation about a Covid-19 vaccine. Last year, Kouvelas was harassed and charged after he claimed online that a prominent government official’s health problems were […]

“Freedom convoy” is not a struggle for freedom, it is an attempt to kill democracy

US Greek-funded Defend Democracy Press publishes material scientist and publicist Henry Giroux, who assures readers that the anti-vaccination convoys of freedom are in fact funded by anti-government forces and ultra-right ideologues in the United States. The Freedom Convoy movement, consisting of hundreds of trucks, closed the busiest border crossing between Canada and the United States […]

France follows in the footsteps of Canadian truckers

Protesters gathered in southern France on Wednesday as part of a so-called “freedom convoy” to reach Paris and Brussels, demanding the lifting of Covid-19-related restrictions. At least 200 protesters gathered in a car park in Nice, on France’s Mediterranean coast. Many of them are holding Canadian flags in support of truck drivers in Canada who […]

Protests in Canada may be fueled by Russian actors

Canadian truckers organized a massive protest with heavy trucks “storming” the capital, blocking the streets and calling for Trudeau’s resignation. Canadian liberal media have already found a “Russian trace”. Canada in the current crisis with Russia is supporting Ukraine, and I don’t know how far-fetched that is,” TV presenter Koksal told Canadian Public Safety Minister […]

Priest of the Greek Church about the coronavirus: We trusted the killers

According to Father Elpidios, everything that is happening in the world today is dictated by Satan’s desire to dominate people’s lives. On January 31, 2022, the priest of the Greek Orthodox Church Elpidius Vainakis, speaking on the air of the radio station ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>”Focus FM”said that during the coronavirus pandemic, people trusted […]

The Church of Cyprus explained why opponents of vaccination were suspended from service

Priests can be removed from ministry and even defrocked for refusing to vaccinate, and also for the fact that their attitude has pushed people to refuse vaccination. The representative of Archbishop Chrysostom, Archimandrite Triphyllius, explained why the primate of the Cypriot Church forbade priests who oppose vaccination from performing divine services, informs Greek edition of […]

For the second time, a doctor, an activist in the anti-vaxxer movement, Faidon Vovolis, fell ill with covid

One of the most famous deniers in our country, for some, the informal leader of the anti-vaccination movement, Dr. Faidon Vovolis, fell ill with coronavirus for the second time. In fact, pneumonia caused by the illness led to him being hospitalized for 9 days. Then he spoke about his “experience”. In his video, addressed to […]

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