The social dividend will go directly to the recipients’ accounts

Without filing an application, state aid to those in need, referred to as a social dividend, will go directly to the recipients’ accounts.

Among low-income pensioners, medical workers and people with disabilities (almost 1 million recipients), an amount of about 338.5 million euros will be distributed. The benefit will be paid automatically, without an application, until Christmas.

Before Christmas emergency financial supportannounced by Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Parliament, will be paid to low-income pensioners, healthcare workers and people with disabilities, with the amount varying depending on the category of recipient group.

Who are the recipients?
The number of beneficiaries is estimated at more than one million, and to these should be added those who receive minimum guaranteed income… The money will arrive on December 15 (double the amount).

Details of the recipients of the new emergency benefits:

1. Healthcare Workers: An allowance equal to half of the monthly base salary paid will be paid along with the December payroll to the health services of hospitals, clinics and EKAB. Around 100,000 medical workers are expected to receive it (total amount of about 90 million euros).

For example: a nurse in a public hospital with a salary of 1000 euros will receive an emergency benefit of 500 euros. Together with his salary, he will receive a total of 1,500 euros. A public hospital doctor with a salary of 2,000 euros will receive an emergency benefit of 1,000 euros in December. Together with his salary, he will receive a total of 3,000 euros.

2. Pensioners with low income: persons with an annual personal taxable income of up to € 7,200 (€ 600 per month) and an annual family taxable income of up to € 14,400, as well as with a total property tax value of up to € 200,000. will receive 250 euros in December + 50 euros for the dependent. We are talking about 800 thousand pensioners, and the total amount allocated for support is 205 million euros.

3. Disabled people: recipients of OPECA benefits will also receive assistance in the amount of 250 euros at the end of December. It is estimated that this is about 173,000 people, and the total amount will be 43.5 million euros.

As noted, the benefit, as in other cases of emergency assistance in 2020, will not be subject to withdrawal in any form due to debts to third parties or the state.

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