Subsidy for electrical appliances: up to 500 euros per household

In the first half of the year, the program for subsidizing electrical appliances will begin, according to Kostas Skrekas, Minister of the Environment and Energy, ΥΠΕΝ. According to information that has become known at the moment, the replacement will also affect stoves and ovens, which, as emphasized, are among the most energy-intensive electrical appliances. ΥΠΕΝ […]

Get a Home Appliance Subsidy

Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a program to subsidize the replacement of electrical appliances used by households this year. Among the measures announced by the Greek prime minister is a subsidy to replace old and usually energy-intensive electrical appliances. The program will “start” in 2022, but details will be announced later. The most important details are the […]

The social dividend will go directly to the recipients’ accounts

Without filing an application, state aid to those in need, referred to as a social dividend, will go directly to the recipients’ accounts. Among low-income pensioners, medical workers and people with disabilities (almost 1 million recipients), an amount of about 338.5 million euros will be distributed. The benefit will be paid automatically, without an application, […]

Special seasonal allowance OAED up to 1000 euros: who is eligible for it, workers in 24 professions

The application deadline for the OAED Special Seasonal Benefit 2021 will end tomorrow, Tuesday 30 November (at 2:00 pm). The amount of the special seasonal allowance ranges from € 508.20 to € 1,016.40 and is paid in a lump sum. The decision is made through the personal account of the beneficiaries in the integrated information […]

Only three documents to receive 720 euros

Only three supporting documents are required to determine whether every unemployed person is eligible for a special OAED unemployment benefit, which reaches 720 euros. The special allowance is exclusively for those who have 60 workdays during the previous year and do not receive a regular unemployment subsidy. Supporting documents to be submitted by interested parties: […]

Social Dividend: Clarification

The draft budget will be presented in parliament today, and on its basis it will be seen what “remainder” will be allocated for financial assistance to the poor, the so-called social dividend. Up to € 900 will be paid as dividends to over 200,000 vulnerable families by Christmas. Kyriakos Mitsotakis said at the TIF conference […]

Greece: allowance up to € 1200 for adoptive parents

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Domna Mihailidou announced the payment of material assistance from 325 to 1200 euros to families who want to become foster parents. Assistance will be provided through an electronic platform that will open on Wednesday 26/05 at 15:00. The first payment of the allowance will be made on […]

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