Will there be a summer allowance of 200 euros

There was confusion over whether the €200 would be given to the country’s vulnerable citizens, as government spokesman Giannis Ikonomou did not rule out the possibility, while the finance minister clarified that it could be done provided the budget allowed. Conflicting reports are received by those who are waiting for an emergency summer allowance similar […]

Emergency summer allowance from the state

One of the scenarios proposed by the government to support citizens against price increases is the issuance of 200 euros. In addition to measures to curb energy prices and subsidize gasoline and electricity (as Power Pass Fuel Pass platforms are expected to open in the coming days), government finance staff are exploring budget options to […]

Benefit of 1000 euros: who is entitled to it

It is expected that 80,000 unemployed people will receive emergency assistance, thanks to training that will take place in the near future. An emergency financial support of €1,000 will be provided by ΟΑΕΔ through the resources of the Recovery Fund to thousands of unemployed people who will complete free distance learning and certification of “Upgrading […]

Summer Bonus: New Facilitation Measures "consumer basket"

The Greek government is considering a “summer allowance” to “stop” the ever-growing wave of inflation, both fuel and goods, which makes the “consumer basket” of households “unsustainable”. According to the publication Dnewswithin a few days, after a special Easter gift (on average 200 euros), the government began to consider a “summer allowance” with measures similar […]

A new gift from the government to pensioners, beneficiaries and the disabled

The government is determined to continue supporting citizens in order to counter the wave of inflation that hit the heads of citizens. The prices of all basic foodstuffs have risen. For this reason, according to the publication Dnewssince April 11, the government is thinking about repeating the issuance of one-time assistance to the same beneficiaries […]

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