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Special seasonal allowance OAED up to 1000 euros: who is eligible for it, workers in 24 professions

The application deadline for the OAED Special Seasonal Benefit 2021 will end tomorrow, Tuesday 30 November (at 2:00 pm).

The amount of the special seasonal allowance ranges from € 508.20 to € 1,016.40 and is paid in a lump sum. The decision is made through the personal account of the beneficiaries in the integrated information system (e-services) OAED. Applications are submitted electronically through a single digital portal gov.gr with TAXISnet codes at the email address:


The algorithm is: gov.gr → Work and Insurance → Unemployment → OAED Special Seasonal Benefit. (In Greek: gov.gr → Εργασία και ασφάλιση → Ανεργία → Ειδικό εποχικό βοήθημα ΟΑΕΔ).

Beneficiaries of the allowance are employees insured in e-EFKA in one of the following professions:

construction worker, quarry worker, lime worker, potter, bricklayer ceramic worker, forester, resin collector,
tobacco production worker musician – a member of a specialized professional association, a shoemaker, an employee of a ship repair zone, an excavator – hoist operator – a drilling rig operator, an actor engaged in filming films and television, an operator and assistant operator, a film and theater controller, a theater and film cashier , tourism and food processing, emery workers, theater and film workers, dancers – members of the relevant industry or co-professional associations, a technician providing audiovisual events, concerts, a member of the relevant industry or co-professional associations.

The beneficiaries are also pensioners who applied for a pension before 09.10.2021, who practiced one of the above professions in 2020 and have conditions for receiving benefits for 2021, provided that the amount of the received pension (basic and auxiliary) is less than 495.75 euros.

In addition, the beneficiaries are those who retire from November 9, 2021 onwards, regardless of the size of their pension, as well as those who entered the military service from November 9, 2021 onwards, provided, of course, that they meet the conditions.

Seasonal allowance depending on the profession:

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