Sexually anxious spiders flooded the homes of the British

Thousands of giant arthropods, in search of females, invade the homes of people in the UK, writes the Daily Mirror. The spider mating season lasts from early September to about mid-October.

Excited males are looking for a mate, moving from a damp autumn street to warm dry houses. Some of them live in apartments all year round, but do not attract attention, spending most of their time on the web. And females are generally “stay-at-home”, able to spend their whole lives in the same place. During the mating season, it is the males who begin active movement in search of a “friend”.

Dr. Chris Terrell-Nield, a leading ecologist at the University of Nottingham Trent, says that domestic spiders grow to the size of a human palm and reach about 10 cm in length.This type of spider loves heat, as it comes from those living in North Africa and the Mediterranean. The ecologist explains:

“The size of the spiders depends on how much they ate. They are not dangerous, but they can bite you because they have fangs. These creatures reproduce and begin their life cycle in the spring. In the fall, males look for females to continue offspring. When they find them, they mate, and the female lays eggs, and the male usually dies. “

Those who do not welcome the appearance of spiders in their home should adhere to simple rules: avoid clutter and clutter of the room, clean more often, open the curtains during the day – spiders love cluttered dark places.

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