Ministry of Transport considers introduction of testing for train travel

Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis left open the possibility of applying a compulsory coronavirus test for passengers, both in the case of ships and for travel by train.

Speaking on Skye today, the Transport Minister reiterated that as part of the government’s efforts to provide incentives for vaccinations, the possibility of additional package of discounts on monthly passes, unlimited for vaccinated public transport passengers.

However, he considered that mandatory vaccination of drivers would be excessive at the moment and expressed his opposition to the separation of vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers on public transport.

He substantiated his point of view by the fact that the disinfection of vehicles and trains continues daily, and also that drivers are protected, since they are isolated in a separate room in the metro, and in buses the front entrance door for passengers no longer opens and a protective partition has been installed.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport referred to the strengthening of public transport, as well as measures to protect workers and passengers from the coronavirus. He noted that Athens and Thessaloniki, along with Sydney, were the only cities in the world to increase routes last year and with a 90% drop in passenger traffic, recalling the strengthening of the fleet through leases and staffing after 10 years of crisis.

Mr. Karamanlis stressed that in any case, we should all continue to wear a mask on public transport, as stated by all transport experts at the international level, as well as in all major cities of the world such as London, Paris, New York and Rome, where there is a high passenger traffic.

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