Serbia: such an example could be contagious

Serbian authorities warn that in case of coronavirus disease, unvaccinated citizens will have to pay for hospitalization. This step does not rule out Zlatibor Loncar, Serbia’s Minister of Health.

Both the stick and the carrot – this is how governments of different countries try to act in an effort to accelerate the vaccination of the population. While urging citizens to get vaccinated, the Serbian Minister of Health, according to APE, is still warning that inpatient treatment can be too expensive for unvaccinated people:

“This is logical, and now the proposal of epidemiologists that all unvaccinated patients bear the cost of treatment is being considered. There are people who do not believe in either the coronavirus or the vaccine, but they know that when they get sick, the state will pay for everything. They don’t want to know that if they were vaccinated, they probably wouldn’t be in the hospital. Thus, they do not comply with the measures, they have not been vaccinated, they go to the hospital and expect the state to cover all their expenses. “

Zlatibor Loncar, speaking at a press conference, urged fellow citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible. He stressed that if the number of vaccinated people does not reach 80% of the population, then in the very near future Serbia will face serious problems. At the moment, according to him, 8 people with the Delta mutation have been identified, but, according to experts, in fact, there are already many more of them. Simply, if the disease is mild, the infected might not seek medical help, but infect others.

The issue of payment for inpatient treatment for the unvaccinated was also raised at the press conference of the President of the Republic, Alexander Vucity. True, the head of state noted that he personally does not agree with the proposals of the experts, since, in the president’s opinion, this violates the principle of equality of citizens. However, he stressed that at this stage all possible ways to increase the number of vaccinations are being considered:

“We are watching the actions of Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz and French President Emanuel Macron. We will look at what we can do to ensure the health of all citizens without violating the Constitution or infringing on the rights of those who are unruly and irresponsible. I encourage experts to submit a proposal for a third dose and the possibility of combining vaccines. We currently have a stock of 1.3 million doses and can start the third phase immediately. ”

Now in Serbia, almost half of the adult population is vaccinated with both doses. But recently, as in many other countries, the interest of citizens in vaccination has decreased significantly. The situation is especially disappointing for young people, only 17% of them, aged 18 to 30, received at least one vaccination. So the governments have to balance between the carrot and the carrot. And it’s not at all a fact that the Greek government will not be interested in the plans of the Serbian authorities to introduce paid treatment for coronavirus for the unvaccinated. Pah-pah, so as not to jinx it …

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