The easing of measures comes into force from Saturday, February 19

Starting next Saturday, February 19, new decisions will come into effect regarding the easing of measures for stadiums, entertainment, school trips and telecommuting. In particular, the following decisions were made: Lifting the ban on the position in the entertainment industry. Restoration of school trips. Increase in stadium occupancy up to 50%. Implementation of remote work […]

Greek epidemiologists are considering 5 more restrictions if the number of infected continues to rise

Despite the prevailing Omicron strain in Greece and the number of daily infections rose sharply, the number of patients in hospitals is almost constant. Nonetheless, epidemiologists advising the government are reportedly considering a package of new restrictions in an attempt to contain the spread of the strain. Additional measures introduced from December 30failed to stop […]

Greece: New Year’s Eve without music and … under the covers

Barely the Minister of Health of Greece announced about New Years celebrations without music and the closure of food service outlets at 2 a.m. as a tsunami of cancellations hit restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. “You destroyed us. We are closing,” trade unionists from the sector told state-run ERT three hours after the announcement, stressing […]

Greek Epidemiology Committee to Meet for Additional Action

The Epidemiological Committee of the Greek Ministry of Health will meet on Monday 27 December, in the context of ongoing epidemiological surveillance and assessment of the condition caused by the Omicron strain. The committee is reported to be seriously concerned about a significant new exacerbation of the pandemic. He will review the epidemiological data and […]

Vaccine proponent: “I would have imposed stricter measures”

The premiere of new measures, aimed, according to the authorities, at limiting the growth of the number of infected and convincing the unvaccinated of the need for vaccination, took place last Saturday, November 6. Now, in order to visit non-food stores, hairdressers, banks, open restaurants and even churches, it is necessary to show negative results […]

Restrictions for the unvaccinated will harm shops ahead of the holidays

Representatives of retail stores and wholesalers say the government’s announcement on Tuesday about the need for rapid tests by unvaccinated citizens to enter stores is impractical and puts additional strain on the sector. “Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the retail (non-food) sector has faced very serious economic and health problems by carefully following all […]

Mykonos is back to normal

Special restrictive measures, which were adopted in Mykonos on July 17 due to the epidemiological situation on the island, have expired on Monday 26 July. In particular, the special restrictive measures in force until 06:00 am on July 26 were as follows: 1. No traffic from 01:00 pm to 06:00 am, except for work and […]

2,500 tourists on the weekend are not allowed to travel due to lack of Covid documents

Shipping Minister Yannis Plakiotakis said on Monday that around 2,500 travelers have been banned from boarding ferries departing to the Greek islands due to a lack of necessary documents introduced as part of coronavirus security measures to board passenger ships. The minister said nothing about whether travelers were allowed to board ships and return from […]

Ministry of Transport considers introduction of testing for train travel

Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis left open the possibility of applying a compulsory coronavirus test for passengers, both in the case of ships and for travel by train. Speaking on Skye today, the Transport Minister reiterated that as part of the government’s efforts to provide incentives for vaccinations, the possibility of additional package of discounts on […]

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