Sunday tornado in Halkidiki

A tornado violently struck the beach-filled Nea Moudania beach in Halkidiki. The wind blew away umbrellas and destroyed buildings, caused significant material damage to beach bars and the lifeguard area, took away sun loungers and broke gazebos.

According to the publication, referring to the words of the mayor of the municipality of Nea Propontid, Emmanuel Karras, a 25-year-old Italian woman suffered a head injury and was taken by ambulance to the Mudanya Medical Center for first aid. A 50-year-old man was also injured, who was also taken to a medical facility with minor injuries. One of the vacationers on the beach, who came on vacation from another country, says:

In the morning the sea was very calm and I wanted to swim early in case the weather turned bad later. I arrived at about 11. After a while the weather began to deteriorate. I packed my things and a tornado caught me near Zouzounia (playground and beach bar for families with children). Umbrellas and chairs were flying, people were running, babies were screaming, but, fortunately, this did not last long. Shortly before that, I heard an ambulance siren. Let’s hope no one drowned. However, I was horrified.

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