A storm swept across Trikala, flooding the roads

The aggression of nature hit Trikala yesterday – the storm instantly turned the roads into raging rivers. On Friday afternoon in the eastern part of Trikala Prefecture, due to weather conditions, traffic on the Trikala-Larisa highway had to be stopped – in the section from Zarkos Trikala (Ζάρκου Τρικάλων) to Kutsohero-N.Larisa (Κουτσόχερο του ν. Λαρίσας). […]

Tornado and bad weather abruptly cut off revelry in Mykonos

Bad weather “struck” Mykonos. Endless streams of water and even tornadoes were observed by the guests and residents of the Island of the Winds, surprised by the rampant bad weather in the very “heart of summer”, in August. As the shocking footage of the “open skies” shows, weather cataclysms have dramatically disrupted the usual wild […]

Tornado on the island of Skiathos: impressive video

On the island of Skiathos, eyewitnesses observed a unique natural phenomenon – a waterspout. Impressive is a rare phenomenon, filmed and posted on Facebook on the page “Weather Forecast in Greece”. In the footage, you can see how a water tornado moves through the snowy expanses of the island. The presented photographs show the port […]

Nine tornadoes were recorded in Greece in 2021

In Greece in 2021, 97 waterspouts and nine land tornadoes were recorded causing property damage. Most of the siphons appeared in October (24) and January (23), but the most catastrophic ones were recorded in November and December last year. Most of the sea tornadoes were observed near the Dodecanese Islands (21), in the western region […]

Sunday tornado in Halkidiki

A tornado violently struck the beach-filled Nea Moudania beach in Halkidiki. The wind blew away umbrellas and destroyed buildings, caused significant material damage to beach bars and the lifeguard area, took away sun loungers and broke gazebos. According to the publication makthes.gr, referring to the words of the mayor of the municipality of Nea Propontid, […]

China: deadly tornado hits Wuhan

At least 10 people became victims of yesterday’s two tornadoes in China, three hundred were injured of varying severity. The disaster struck the central and eastern regions of the country, APE-MPE reports. The tornado left behind uprooted trees, destroyed houses and collapsed power supply supports, demolished barns. At first, Wuhan took over the blow of […]