Gay couple complain about homophobic treatment on Chalkidiki beach

A gay couple has filed a discrimination complaint claiming they experienced “unacceptable, homophobic treatment” at a beach bar in Mykoniatika, Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki. As the publication informs “Antivirus”, a gay couple, says a man who introduced himself as the owner of a beach bar told them to “fold (get out of here) because there are […]

Halkidiki: "that’s it" Russian tourists. Flight to Greece costs 2000 euros

Greece entered the 2022 summer season with special characteristics caused by the events in Ukraine, the energy crisis and inflation, which increase the operating costs of the hotel business. Chalkidiki is expected to develop this year, with hotel facilities in the area oscillating “between recovery and survival,” says Hotel Association (ΕΞΧ) president Grigoris Tassios, head […]

Sunday tornado in Halkidiki

A tornado violently struck the beach-filled Nea Moudania beach in Halkidiki. The wind blew away umbrellas and destroyed buildings, caused significant material damage to beach bars and the lifeguard area, took away sun loungers and broke gazebos. According to the publication, referring to the words of the mayor of the municipality of Nea Propontid, […]

Shots at the cafe bar: three in the hospital

He is being treated at Polygyros Hospital (Halkidiki), a 25-year-old “shooter” who is accused of injuring two young men after an altercation at a local café-bar in Neos Marmaras. The incident took place at midnight on Saturday 12/06. The young man was arrested the next day by the authorities of the Thessaloniki Police Anti-Extortion Directorate […]

Surprises prepared by Ivan Savvidi

Ivan Savvidis conducts his business in Thessaloniki and throughout Northern Greece, and according to Έθνος, important business news will be published soon, which will be a pleasant surprise. This conclusion was made after an online meeting that Mr. Savvidis held with the heads of his companies in Greece. The meeting took place with senior executives […]

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