Driver’s license was sold for 2200 euros

Six people were arrested by the Internal Affairs Service (ΥΕΥΣΑ) on charges of illegally issuing driver’s licenses to interested persons, with a tariff of up to 2,200 euros. Three of those arrested are employees of the department of transport and communications of the regional department, three others are owners of driving schools. At the same […]

Road tax: payment extended

By decision of the Deputy Minister of Finance Apostolos Vesiropoulos, the deadline for paying road tax by car owners will be extended until February 28 this year. As Mr. Vesiropoulos notes in a statement, “The government is fully aware of the difficulties as well as the special conditions created by the pandemic. The extension of […]

To jail for "twisted" mileage counter

In some European countries, the authorities ruthlessly punish “craftsmen” for falsifying a car’s mileage when selling it, up to and including imprisonment. More than 1,800 cars with a “winding” odometer were sold through the criminal actions of fraudsters operating in the south of France. After receiving relevant complaints from consumers, the prosecutor’s office began to […]

GPS Car Navigator Tricks

Modern navigation systems are the right hand of the driver, who moves through “unknown” territories. However, as the following incredible fact shows, we should not blindly obey them. The stress of a driver driving through unfamiliar terrain is a given, especially if he drives a car in a hurry. Modern car navigation systems are of […]

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