Driver’s license sellers arrested

The criminal group was selling a driver’s license at a set rate of 2,000 euros. As it turned out, employees of the Transport Administration took part in the “multi-passage”. The Attica Security Directorate’s Organized Crime and Human Trafficking Authority dismantled a network that “sold” driver’s licenses to “woe students” who, under normal circumstances, would not […]

End of paper driver’s license

It is expected that the issuance of a new type of driver’s license and digital identity on a mobile phone will lead to the “extinction” of a paper (typographical) document. The digitalization of the services of the Department of Transportation (Διευθύνσεων Μεταφορών) is in full swing, which is expected to put an end to the […]

Driver’s license was sold for 2200 euros

Six people were arrested by the Internal Affairs Service (ΥΕΥΣΑ) on charges of illegally issuing driver’s licenses to interested persons, with a tariff of up to 2,200 euros. Three of those arrested are employees of the department of transport and communications of the regional department, three others are owners of driving schools. At the same […]