Spain: 22 people infected by a colleague who does not want to isolate themselves

In Spain, a man was arrested who, despite having symptoms of coronavirus, continued to go to work and the gym, police said on the island of Mallorca.

An arrested man in the city of Manacor has been charged with bodily harm. No, he did not beat or injure anyone. But, having pronounced symptoms of coronavirus, he continued to go not only to work, but also to the gym.

The reason for the police investigation was an increase in Covid-19 infections in the city and information that a certain man goes to work with clear signs of illness, exposing colleagues to the danger of infection.

It turned out that the suspect showed signs of coronavirus for several days, but he continued to regularly visit his place of work, ignoring calls from colleagues to stay at home and receive treatment. His boss also insisted on this, but the man did not heed the sound arguments. Moreover, after work, he went to the gym.

After one day the sick person’s temperature rose above 40 degrees, it became obvious that it was Covid-19, and colleagues went together to do the tests. The result was not encouraging – five tested positive and managed to infect their family members. Among the infected were three children under the age of one year.

In total, one person managed to infect 22 others. Co-workers, giving testimony to the police, noted that one day the man had a temperature “over 40 degrees”, he took off his mask while coughing and said: “I will infect you all with coronavirus.” Now the degree of his guilt and the measure of punishment will be determined by law enforcement agencies.

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