Only a year later, the symptoms of coronavirus disappear in those who have recovered

Long-term COVID causes many different symptoms of damage to the respiratory tract, heart and other vital systems, tormenting a person for at least six months after suffering an acute illness. In 23% of patients with coronavirus, symptoms finally disappear after a year. The increased stress experienced by survivors of the fall of the Twin Towers […]

Long-term Covid-19 symptoms that even vaccinated people can have

Covid-19 with long-term symptoms, known as long-term Covid-19, can occur in people infected with the coronavirus (called “breakthrough” infections), especially people over the age of 60, according to a new UK study. Researchers at the University of Oxford, who published the results on medRxiv, analyzed data on 10,024 vaccinated and 9479 unvaccinated, according to Reuters. […]

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