CARE: Earlier Payment of Benefits

Due to the approaching Easter, the April benefits and benefits will be received by beneficiaries on Thursday 29 April.

OPECA will pay the following benefits:

Social benefits for disability and food benefits – 169,720 recipients. The minimum guaranteed income is 269,948 recipients. Housing allowance – 271 644 recipients. Birth allowance – 12,529 recipients. Benefit for uninsured seniors – 35,203 recipients. Housing Benefit – 903 recipients. Foreign refugee allowance – 6777 recipients. Childbirth allowance (paid in two equal installments of 1000 euros). The first installment is payable one month after the birth of the child, provided that the application is submitted and approved within a month after the birth of the child, and the second installment is paid five months after the birth. The first installment is March 31, the second installment is July 30, 2021.

The amounts remain the same, unchanged. Due to the pandemic, the recipients of the housing allowance and the minimum guaranteed income are automatically extended the payment for three months, without the need for the physical presence of the beneficiaries in the municipalities or KEP. The three-month extension applies to the “housing allowance” in cases where due to the expiration of its validity, a new application is required by the beneficiaries during February, March and April 2021.

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