When will all benefits be paid

On May 30, OPECA will pay out the benefits that thousands of Greek families are looking forward to. In particular, on Monday, an additional amount will be paid to the child allowance, the minimum guaranteed income EEE (KEA) and all other benefits. All payments are credited to beneficiaries on the last working day of the […]

The government raises the issue of increasing OPECA benefits

The Greek Ministry of Labor has begun a thorough study of the issue of increasing financial assistance to persons receiving state assistance (benefits). As Deputy Minister of Labor Domna Mihailidou explained to SKAI, meetings are being held to solve an urgent problem – combating inflation and supporting vulnerable categories of the population receiving financial assistance […]

Plan "V": in 2022 EEE (KEA) will not be canceled, perhaps even strengthened support for vulnerable citizens

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a social dividend for people with disabilities, low-income retirees and healthcare workers. At a time when the energy crisis manifests itself throughout Europe, it is possible that new measures will be announced to support the vulnerable segments of the country’s population. On the one hand, the crisis is engulfing the […]

What benefits can you get from ATM today?

The GUARDIANS earlier pays the minimum guaranteed income, rental allowance, childbirth allowance and 11 other allowances. From today, the money will appear on the accounts of the beneficiaries. State aid will be disbursed to 813,074 recipients earlier this month in connection with the national anniversary of October 28th. As you know, OPECA benefits are paid […]

Social Dividend: Clarification

The draft budget will be presented in parliament today, and on its basis it will be seen what “remainder” will be allocated for financial assistance to the poor, the so-called social dividend. Up to € 900 will be paid as dividends to over 200,000 vulnerable families by Christmas. Kyriakos Mitsotakis said at the TIF conference […]

Attention! Changes for KEA recipients

Changes have been made to Minimum Guaranteed Income (formerly KEA) as recipients join OAED training programs. In particular, EEE beneficiaries (Ελάχιστο Εγγυημένο Εισόδημα – πρώην ΚΕΑ) who applied in July will automatically join the training programs until the end of August. From June 1, the integration of the recipients of the minimum guaranteed income into […]

CARE: Earlier Payment of Benefits

Due to the approaching Easter, the April benefits and benefits will be received by beneficiaries on Thursday 29 April. OPECA will pay the following benefits: Social benefits for disability and food benefits – 169,720 recipients. The minimum guaranteed income is 269,948 recipients. Housing allowance – 271 644 recipients. Birth allowance – 12,529 recipients. Benefit for […]

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