Payout week from e-EFKA and OAED

Payout week from e-EFKA and OAED starts today Monday 16 August and ends Friday 20 August. The amount that will be credited to the citizens of e-EFKA and OAED is 43.1 million euros, it is intended for approximately 53,400 recipients. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the following payments will be made […]

CARE: Earlier Payment of Benefits

Due to the approaching Easter, the April benefits and benefits will be received by beneficiaries on Thursday 29 April. OPECA will pay the following benefits: Social benefits for disability and food benefits – 169,720 recipients. The minimum guaranteed income is 269,948 recipients. Housing allowance – 271 644 recipients. Birth allowance – 12,529 recipients. Benefit for […]

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