50 mobile phones were stolen in 60 seconds

In fact, in more than 1 minute, a group of thieves broke into a mobile phone store in Moskhato and “stole” more than 50 mobile phones.

According to the police report, it all happened shortly after 03:30 in the early morning of April 1, when four people appeared at the main entrance of the store.

As you will see in the video provided by zougla.gr, the thieves, using a blunt tool, managed to break the glass door and broke into the store, sweeping away everything in their path.

Two of them ran to the shop windows where the mobile phones were and began to load them into bags, and another of their accomplice rushed to the cash desks to “clear” its contents. The fourth stayed on the street, standing on the “nix”.

The alarm went off, but the thieves did not seem to be scared and continued to fill the bags, and the whole process, as mentioned above, lasted just over 60 seconds.

Then they left the store and disappeared. The criminals reportedly managed to steal more than 50 mobile phones, two laptops, four tablets, as well as hundreds of euros in small bills.

The police launched an investigation.

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