Video shock: Algerians brag to the camera about robberies and thefts in the center of Athens

Greek television viewers were stunned when they heard the answers of Algerians in the center of Athens, when asked how they manage to live in Greece, despite the fact that they are illegal immigrants. The foreigners answered without fear that they were stealing “mobile phones and gold (obviously, they meant jewelry and gold ornaments)” and […]

Robbery in Mykonos: 800,000 euros worth of money, jewelry and clothes were stolen from the villa of a Greek-Egyptian

Criminals in Mykonos “are on the alert” because the “hunting season” for moneybags is in full swing. Again on hearing another robbery. The extraction amounted to about 800,000 euros. The crime took place in Mykonos on 11 July. A week ago, two unidentified men entered a villa in the Agrari area through an open balcony […]


Just unbelievable but true. During the live broadcast, when the cameraman was filming a report on the city street, which was led by Alexandra Hatzigeorgiou, her car was smashed in order to rob personal property. The presenter was on the air of the Good Morning Greece program when an unidentified person attempted to steal by […]

Arrest of a criminal who stole 100,000 euros from a supermarket safe

Employees of the Thessaloniki Police Department arrested a criminal who carried out more than 100,000 euros from a supermarket with his accomplice. A methodical investigation was conducted by the law enforcement agencies of the Northern capital, using video materials filmed by surveillance cameras installed in the store. This helped law enforcement officers find and arrest […]

Attica: 30 pickpocket arrests

According to the Greek law enforcement agencies, 30 foreigners were detained, accused of committing thefts against public transport passengers as part of a criminal gang. These are 20 Albanians, 8 Pakistanis, 1 Romanians and 1 citizen of Bangladesh. At the same time, the identities of their accomplices, 9 more foreigners, have been established, they are […]