Children get monkeypox

The World Health Organization notes that children begin to get sick with monkeypox. Epidemiologist Rosamund Lewis, head of the secretariat of the smallpox organization, reports that WHO fixes infections in children. Edition BB.LV Lewis quotes: “There are reports of cases in children. Today, about a third of them are children under the age of 10, […]

Official announcement of the beginning of the monkeypox pandemic

The World Health Organization yesterday, June 23, 2022, officially announced the start of a pandemic, according to the organization’s website. According to BB.LV, referring to WHO data, the incidence of monkeypox continues to grow – in the world, according to official statistics, there are already almost 3.5 thousand victims. Experts express concern that humanity is […]

The head of WHO arrived in Ukraine

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, came to Ukraine to assess the assistance the country needs. Gebreisus has repeatedly called on Russia to stop hostilities, but has previously criticized the international community for turning all its attention to Ukraine. According to the head of WHO, crises in other countries have not […]

WHO on the mental health of refugees from Ukraine

Millions of people from Ukraine are fleeing the war in the EU countries. Many are traumatized both physically and mentally. The World Health Organization expresses concern about the psychological state of Ukrainian refugees. Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, Policy Director for WHO Europe, notes that the region has not yet recovered from the onslaught of the coronavirus […]

WHO: conditions now in Ukraine are ideal for the spread of contagious diseases

The World Health Organization warns of an imminent surge in infections in Ukraine. The situation creates ideal conditions for the spread of contagious diseases – people are constantly moving, there is not enough food and medicine. WHO experts compare the consequences of the crisis with the Horseman of the Apocalypse. Emergency Organization Program Director Michael […]

A “truce” with the coronavirus is coming

Against the backdrop of the spread and increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus, WHO experts say it is possible to bring the pandemic under control. According to the World Health Organization, 12 million new cases of infection, the highest since the beginning of the pandemic, were recorded in Europe in the past […]

WHO warns: deadly Omicron cannot be called lung

The World Health Organization says Omicron is putting pressure on healthcare facilities around the world. It is wrong to call it “soft” as it kills people. Recent research as reported Air forceshow that the Omicron strain is less likely to cause severe disease than previous variants of the coronavirus. However, health systems are suffering from […]

WHO encourages family celebrations

World Health Organization guidelines are calling for maximum safety and travel restrictions during the Christmas season. The ideal option is to refuse mass events and unnecessary contacts, spend Christmas and New Year with the family. Warning of the risks associated with the rapid spread of the omicron strain, WHO Secretary General Tedros Ghebreyesus says: “We […]

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