Rape of children in Petralona: a chronicle of a hell in which three children lived

“What we experienced is a horror, a nightmare that is difficult to “cleanse” from the soul,” three children who were abused by their pedophile father in Petralona say in their monstrous testimony. The descriptions of children who complain that they have been repeatedly abused and raped by their father, as well as his other friends […]

The trial of a father who confessed to the rape of his mentally retarded daughter

A 73-year-old father confessed to raping a 49-year-old daughter with mental retardation and a disability of 67% in the Rhodes security sub-division. An elderly man claimed that his adult daughter “provoked” him sexually and that she … herself “molested him”, and he “the devil pulled to commit this heinous act.” Testifying in the presence of […]

Home tyrant threatened to kill his wife for refusing to view her cell phone

The 45-year-old Albanian cursed everyone and everything, threatening to burn and kill his wife because he did not have access to her mobile phone. Domestic incident occurred in front of their 19-year-old son. An Albanian citizen was found guilty of inflicting insults and threats, as well as causing bodily harm of medium gravity, by the […]

Another case of domestic violence

Authorities in Rethymno are investigating another case of domestic violence in which a drunken husband attacked his wife. According to the site cretapost.gr, this is a 36-year-old man in Rethymnon who returned home on Thursday, February 3, while drunk and started to rage right from the doorstep. According to neighbors, the drunken man broke down […]